Rose Walker
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  • DISTRICT: 17
  • REGION: Long Island
  • GOVERNMENT BODY: Nassau County Legislature
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Rose Walker

Rose Walker is funning for Nassau County Legislator, District 17

Legislator Rose Walker is committed to protecting our environment. Since her election to the County Legislature in 2009, she has worked to progress and fund environmental programs.

Walker voted to approve PACE financing for commercial properties that would enable businesses to install renewable energy systems, and supported funding for the ocean outfall project and to link Point Lookout and the Long Beach to the Bay Park System. She has also supported funding for improvements in the Glen Cove area, and is working on a project at the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant to reduce nitrogen discharge by 50%. Furthermore, she has supported funding for the installation of LED lighting in traffic signals and in the Nassau County Correction Center, motion-activated systems in our restrooms, use of better boilers, and windows in renovation projects. Walker has worked to clean up Nassau by hosting neighborhood clean-ups in parks and reserves.

If re-elected, Walker will continue her hard work and address the pollution from Navy Grumman plume, improve sewage treatment to ensure safe drinking water, and give her attention to cleaning beaches and open spaces.

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